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Floating Wicks

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Floating Oil Wicks

Floating wicks known as Parsi Vat, are made from Cork. It is an impervious buoyant substance that floats on oil; thus, there is no risk of wicks sinking in the oil. Since these wicks absorb less oil, you can light the diya for a longer period of time with less amount of oil. They are an excellent replacement for cotton wicks since cotton wicks absorb a lot more oil than cork wicks.

The burning period of floating wicks is determined by the amount of oil utilized. These floating oil candle disc wicks emit no smoke. They are ideal for celebrating any event or holiday because they can be utilized both indoors and outside. Light these round floating wicks on various holidays, celebrations, home decor, parties, etc to give oneself a few minutes of festivity and tranquility.

Floating Wicks Uses & Benefits

Pocket Friendly

Pocket Friendly

Floating Wicks are sold in different quantity pack at very reasonable price. Also, since they last for a long time, these wicks might save you a lot of money.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Floating wicks are convenient to use since you only need to put them in a diya full of oil for them to begin floating on them.



These floating wicks are multipurpose since they can be used with oil lamp, ghee, and even wax since it has a perfect wick size which burns for a long time.

How to Use Floating Candle Wicks?

Floating wicks include discs or corks as well as little wicks on top of it. Insert a piece of wick halfway through the disc's center hole and place it on top of the oil layer. Now, burn your oil candle and bask in its lovely light!

Product Specifications

Product Name:Floating Candle Wicks
Item Dimensions:3 x 3 x 2 Cm
Item Weight:20 Gm - 100 Grams
Capacity:As per requirement
Country of Origin:India
Suitable for:Candle Making

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