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Kapoor Kachli Powder

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Kapoor Kachri powder, also known scientifically as Hedichium spectrum, is prepared from roots used in Ayurvedic medicine to calm. It has fortifying properties because it contains antioxidants. It is quite effective in making hair shinier and thicker. It promotes hair development and leaves your hair with a lovely odor.

It's an Indian powder that strengthens the scalp, making it shinier and stronger. Kapoor Kachri is helpful for stimulating hair development and reducing hair loss. It is effective as an ingredient in shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. It is a wonderful hair care treatment for dull, lifeless hair that is difficult to grow.

Kapoor Kachri powder Makes skin glowing and radiant and it is also is beneficial for irritable and dry skin. It is a thorough cleaner and has amazing skin-lightening effects. Kapoor herbal powder is the most often used ingredient in face masks and bath salts. Kapoor Kachli also has antiseptic properties, which helps to heal cuts, wounds, infections, etc.

Benefits of Kapoor Kachli Powder

Enhances Hair Health

Enhances Hair Health

Kapur Kachri powder boost hair health. It aids in the sealing of the hair cuticle, reducing breakage and improving the lustre and look of the hair. It also keeps dandruff at bay.

Scalp Healing

Scalp Healing

It is a natural coolant which helps to calms the scalp while unclogging pores and regulating the pH. It also has antibacterial effects that has the ability to control oil secretion on your scalp.

Balances Oil Production And PH Levels

Balances Oil Production And PH Levels

it is a fantastic element for regulating oil production and the pH of your skin. It eliminates excess oil from your skin, assisting in the unclogging of pores and restoring regular sebaceous gland activity.

Repairs and strengthens hair

Repairs and strengthens hair

Kapur Kachri powder strengthen your hair while also healing damage. The balance of the pH levels also aids in the sealing of the hair cuticle, resulting in more glossy locks.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Its antioxidant and nourishing characteristics, which make skin shine and beautiful, it is frequently utilized in Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and Unani. When it comes to making the skin look younger, it works wonders.

Reduces Hair Fall

Reduces Hair Fall

Kapoor Kachli powder assists persons who suffer from hair loss or baldness by preventing this from developing. The boosted scalp health, unclogging of pores, and balanced pH levels put a stop to hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

Uses of Kapoor Kachli Powder

Kapoor Kachli Powder include the formation of a protective barrier around each of your hair shafts, which locks in moisture and keeps your hair conditioned. It is especially useful when combined with other moisturising elements in hair packs. The advantages of these conditioners is that it helps to reduce concerns like hair breakage and split ends.

Skincare Products

Skincare Products

It is mostly regarded as a skincare product for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Kapoor kachri powder slows the growth of acne-causing bacteria, prevents blackheads and pimples, hastens the healing of minor skin injuries, and reduces skin redness and irritation.

Anti-septic Ointments

Anti-septic Ointments

Because of its antibacterial characteristics, it is restorative and therapeutic for the skin. Furthermore, ointments and creams manufactured from this powder promote microcirculation in the epidermis, restores the skin's natural firmness and elasticity, and has a refreshing effect.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source:Kapoor Kachli
Color:Light Sand Brown
Manufacturing Process:It is made from the dried peels of Kapoor Kachli fruit without the use of any chemicals or oils.
Tested On Animals?:No
GMO:GMO-free but not certified for it.
Vegan:Vegans can use it because it does not contain any animal-derived components.
Shelf Life:2 years

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes

Packaging Sizes

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